A Venomous Passion

This is me - Thomas Dörner (PhD)

While most children in the 1960s played with dogs, cats or rabbits as pets, I grew up with snakes. It was already my father's passion that I inherited. 

Therefore, my path was mapped out early on, and studying biology followed by a doctorate was not surprising. 

Until today I have remained faithful to snakes and have been involved in the keeping and breeding of these wonderful animals.

Today I live in southern Germany and I own a second home in Namibia - in the immediate vicinity of his beloved Puff Adders …

My training for handling snakes began quite early! When I was two years old, in 1962, I already handled a four-striped-Ratsnake (Elaphe quatuorlineata). at the age of six you can see me with an Asian Ratsnake (Ptyas mucosus). Finally I ended up with venomous snakes. On the right I´m examing an Anchieta´s Cobra (Naja anchieta) in Namibia in 2018.

On snake hunt! But only with a camera or to relocate snakes which are endangered by humans (one of the biggest threats to snakes!)